Mr Natty

Ace Fighter Pilot Care Package

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Men: if you like to feel the wind on your top lip, never venture into unknown territory without the correct shaving kit. While Mr Natty is a hairy faced fella, the other bloke who works for Natty prefers a smooth jawline. As such, he much prefers the Ace Fighter Pilot Care Package. Your fully kitted out box comes complete with our celebrated Silver Label Shave Soap and a bottle of Mr Natty Shave Oil - for the ultimate Natty shave. A bar of Shipwreck Soap and tin of Pleasant Pucker Lip Salve complete the set.



We like to think that should any of our Natty operatives be shot in the field that a tin of Pucker would be suitably placed in their breast pockets to intercept any errant bullet. We can’t guarantee your safety, but our childish minds can’t help but think of the heroic deeds our fine product is capable of. Most likely you’ll never need the tin for this reason and you’ll just have lovely, puckered lips. Fingers crossed.