Mr Natty

Scrubs up Proper - Shave Package

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  • 1 x Shipwreck Soap

  • 1 x Mr Natty Shave Oil

  • Double Bubble


NATTY SAYS: We've made this really easy. Think of it as an introduction to all things Natty. Two of our favourite and most loved products packed together in one nifty little package. We’ve made it square and shipshape with hospital corners. Why? So it's easy to wrap. Our Shipwreck Soap is totally natural and is packed with our signature vetiver, patchouli and cocoa scent. Nestling beside it is a bottle of our 100% natural Shave Oil. For all you fellas who like a clean shaven, fighter pilot face this is the trick for making sure your blade gets closer, quicker. It’s peppermint pep-up scent will get the engines going first thing.

NATTY DOES: Our Shipwreck Soap is a real all-rounder. We call it Shipwreck because if you’re in a pickle it’s all you need. First up it’s a great soap, then, because it lathers so well you can use it as a shampoo and a even as a shaving soap. Finally, if you’re really up the creek without a deodorant, let it dry and use it underarm to get you through the day. Our Shave Oil is an all natural formula because we don’t think you should be drying out your face when you shave. Its subtle blend of natural essential oils helps keep you looking sharp. If you’re not too stubbly this will do the job on its own.