Laird Hamilton XPT

2/15/17 2:29 PM

XPT provides in-person experiences to expose people into a phenomenal lifestyle that includes various ways of exercising, breathing routines to help maximize performance, and recovery methods to help regulate and heal our bodies. This lifestyle is developed by XPT founders Laird Hamilton, Brian Mackenzie, and Gabrielle Reece.

Outdoor TV has documented a multi-part series following one of the Malibu experiences.

The XPT participants arrive at Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece’s Malibu compound to undergo an experience unlike any other. XPT’s revolutionary pool training immediately puts each newcomer under pressure.

Day two of the XPT experience, shows some of the camaraderie required to adapt to these new work outs.

Not all of the workouts take part in the pool, Gabby Reece takes the group through a gruelling HIIT workout on land. We love her focus on technique.

Visit them at to see how you can follow this way of life.

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