Master Jiu-Jitsu Seminars

8/28/17 1:15 PM

Renzo Gracie needs little introduction if you aren't familiar with him or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu watch is documentary - Legacy

The video is unfortunatley damaged and jumps but there are some real nuggets in there.

Fabio Gurgel affectionatley know as the General is regarded as one of the top coaches in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The head instructor and leader of Team Alliance at the Sao Paulo head quarters, Fabio Gurgel was also one of the best jiu jitsu competitors of his generation with many important titles to his name, such as World Champion, Brazilian National champion and European Open champion. In 2010 Fabio Gurgel put his name on the BJJ record book when he competed and won the European Open, one of the top events in the jiu jitsu calender, at the age of 40, just a few months after he celebrated his 20th year as a jiu jitsu black belt.

Saulo Ribeiro is a judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Royler Gracie, being widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters to have ever competed in the sport. A 5 time world champion, Saulo is also a record holder of world titles in different weight classes (4) as well as a 2x ADCC champion – arguably the most important no-gi tournament in the world). Saulo and his younger brother Alexandre Ribeiro founded Ribeiro jiu jitsu, one of the most important associations in this martial art.

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