Phantom JJF

12/11/14 1:20 PM

Performance board shorts have been around for some time now, personally I can’t wear the ultra suede 21 inch board short of old. So it is interesting to see how they develop this further. Hurley were one of the orginators of the category with the initial Phantom series. 

Now they have teamed up with john John Florence to create the JJF Phantom Elite. The shorts features a ‘Live wire’ waistband for a secure fit that moves with the body, A double layer of 60 percent stretch Phantom fabric enables movement in the waistband, while an exclusive construction technique was developed to stabilise the multi-directional fabric. Read more about this board-short.

With the powerful way the John John surfs, and we have already started spotting some images of him in these around the social wires. We are sure this is going to be a huge hit this season. Available at

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