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8/20/14 7:57 AM

Earlier this month we read that Tom Hanks is a manual typewriter enthusiast. He is bringing all of his knowledge of models and their intricacies with him to replicate the joy of the typewriter to the iPad with Hanx Writer. Its a free app that recreates the experience of typing on a manual typewriter, complete with on-screen "paper", the documents can then be emailed/shared.

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Warren Subel


10/5/17 12:31 PM

When it comes to action cameras, it’s hard to dispute that GoPro is the name to beat. It’s time to retire all your HERO cameras.

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10/4/17 12:12 PM

 If you’re at all into trucks, you know that Chevrolet has been celebrating 100 years of truck making this year.

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9/26/17 7:30 AM

The best Place to punch someone, according to science.

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