Kron Gracie

11/16/14 8:47 AM

In the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rickson Gracie occupies rarified air. Few martial artists have managed to create an aura of invincibility in the manner Rickson did throughout his competitive career. The most famous of the Gracie family champions, he retired undefeated in MMA and sport jiu jitsu, Hyperbole aside, the man is a living legend. Check out his son Kron Gracie in the below highlight reel. Ron is working towards his MMA debut.


9/26/17 7:30 AM

The best Place to punch someone, according to science.

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9/19/17 10:00 AM

Vice spoke to the British artist responsible for a student house in Brighton going viral.

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9/13/17 12:10 PM

 A compilation of behind the scenes footage of Kron Gracie leading up to his latest Rizen fight.

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