Nike Vapour Irons

8/20/14 3:24 PM

It goes without saying you should be trying to hit the ball with the centre of your iron  — that's where the sweet spot is. Curiously though, that's not the center of gravity. Until now. Nike Vapor Irons have developed with input from Tiger Woods, weighting technology moves the centre of gravity to the center of the iron, resulting in more natural and solid hits with improved flight. The Vapor Pro uses it to provide maximum performance, while the Pro Combo uses it — along with a RZN insert — to provide blade-like workability with the power of a distance iron. And for the rest of us, there's the Vapor Speed, which combines the tech with FlyBeam-reinforced hollow cavities in the long irons for maximum forgiveness. We haven’t yet had them in our hands, but we watch jimmy Fallon get really excited about them on the Tonight show. Rory Mcllroy used a prototype this season and we all know how that went.  Available in October, ready for the festive season purchase.


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