Travel Tips

8/13/14 10:48 AM

One of the benefits of living in the Middle East is that we get to travel often be it business or pleasure. BUT this brings with it the weathered mess we become on arrival. Sleep deprived, dehydrated, birds nest for hair and cranky. So just how can we depart the aircraft ready for anything and looking like George ? Follow these tips:

1. Catch up with noddy!  Sitting dormant for long periods of time slows your circulation and polls of fluid can gather under your eyes (did you check in those extra bags) Rub Men's science Eye rescue formula into the area just below the eyes. If you don’t have that, use something cold (top of your I phone or ice cubes will work) which will increase the blood flow and rid you of the bags.

2. Skip salty foods the day of your flight to minimise bloat and make sure you hydrate with plenty of bottled water (or better yet, coconut water for an electrolyte boost) on board to hydrate your skin.

3. Hydration is inside an outside so don’t forget your skin - combat the cabin air-con with a heavy-duty moisturiser like Triumph and Disasters Gameface and reapply every few hours. Lip balm (try Mr Natty Pleasant Pucker) is essential.

4. No Matter what you have done with your hair its going to look flat and dry getting off the plane, take a few drops of Baxters hard water pomade into your palms and run through your dry hair to get a matte finish style.

5. Showers are scarce in economy. Wipe the grime off your face with Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes, which will get rid of shine, calm skin, and give your complexion a boost.


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