Tuesday Link Up

10/21/13 9:07 AM

tuesday link up 2


1) How to date Emily, the girl who stole Summer – GQ


2) See this blog – Tumblr 


3) 10 rules men live by – Ask Men


4) How to speak like the British – You Tube 


5) In the movies You Tube

6) Mike Tyson greatest Knock outs – You Tube

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Warren Subel


9/26/17 7:30 AM

The best Place to punch someone, according to science.

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9/19/17 10:00 AM

Vice spoke to the British artist responsible for a student house in Brighton going viral.

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9/13/17 12:10 PM

 A compilation of behind the scenes footage of Kron Gracie leading up to his latest Rizen fight.

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