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Hirsute Rogue Care Package

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Men. Grooming is not to be taken lightly. Without the correct kit you may find yourself in peril, danger or even just a bit of a pickle when it comes to looking your very best.

When Mr Natty is out in the field he sets great store by his Hirsute Rogue Care Package which includes all the tools he needs to make sure his hairy moosh is always in cracking condition. In this emergency box we supply our Shipwreck Soap, FFS Beard Shampoo, Moustache Twizzle Wax and Frank's Beard Elixir to make sure that your hirsuteness is always championed.


We like to think that should any of our Natty operatives be shot in the field that a tin of Twizzle would be suitably placed in their breast pockets to intercept any errant bullet. We can't guarantee your safety, but our childish minds can't help but think of the heroic deeds our fine product is capable of. Most likely you'll never need the tin for this reason and you'll just have a dazzling moustache. Fingers crossed.