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Mr Natty Shave Oil

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Much as we admire a hirsute fella, there are times when a man is at his best when clean shaven – first dates, court appearances, high tea with a grandmother (your own, not random octogenarians). To aid you in your preparation, Mr Natty has prepared a beautifully scented shave oil that can be used as well as a shaving foam or on it’s own. Perfect for travelling light, like an eagle-eyed spy.


Unless you are a spotty youth sporting your first bit of bumfluff Mr Natty shall suppose you know how to rid yourself of facial hair. If not, here is a timely reminder: always splash your lovely mush with warm water, massage a few drops of shave oil into your whiskers then shave as usual (nice sharp blade, please). Rinse. Then, as it says on the tin, your face feels like a baby’s behind. Bingo! Feel the wind in your face like an ace fighter pilot... chocks away Ginger!